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Meet Coach Leslie


Coach Leslie's purpose in life is to serve the youth bringing an extensive and  impressive background in both playing and coaching volleyball. She was a starting Libero at Cal State University East Bay (CSUEB) for two seasons, where she showcased her skills and passion for the game. Leslie's dedication to her studies led her to graduate with a degree in Child Development.

Before her time at CSUEB, Leslie honed her skills at Golden West JC and Long Beach Poly HS, where she earned the recognition of being a high school All-American. She also spent six seasons playing club volleyball with the renowned Mizuno Long Beach VBC, further refining her abilities on the court.

Leslie's coaching career began immediately after graduating from Cal State East Bay when she became an assistant coach alongside Jim Spagle. This experience allowed her to deepen her understanding of the game and develop her coaching prowess.

Currently, Leslie serves as the head coach of the Miramonte HS women's varsity volleyball team in Orinda, CA where she was recently awarded the Coach of the Year award in 2022. Her leadership and expertise continue to positively impact the players under her guidance. As a fierce competitor and a lifelong lover of the game, Leslie instills both skill and passion in her coaching, inspiring her players to reach their full potential.

With a remarkable tenure of coaching and a strong foundation as a player, Leslie is an invaluable asset. Her dedication, knowledge, and ability to connect with athletes make her an outstanding coach who continually strives for excellence on and off the court.

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